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How to create an Oscar 🏆 worthy story that captures your audience (aka parents)

This year’s Oscars was as dramatic as ever and yet one movie really stood out to me… The Father by Florian Zeller.The movie tells the story of an elderly man battling Alzheimer’s and dementia and the impact it has on his life and his loved…

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Winter is… No… I mean, Summer is coming 😎!

Can you believe it… we’re barely a couple of months away from summer! And all signs seem to indicate that it’s going to be a great summer – knock on wood :). Parents and students will be eager to get out and enjoy the outdoors…

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Remarketing ~ A Simple but Powerful Strategy to Drive New Enrollments at Your School

It’s 8pm on a Wednesday night and you’re online, browsing your favorite shopping site for something interesting to buy when suddenly, something catches your eye! You click on the cool gizmo to check it out… but eventually you move on to something else. A few…

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Top 4 Reasons Parents Don’t Click on your Schedule a Tour Button (And How to Fix it!)

Facebook Ads… ✔️Website Design… ✔️School Video… ✔️Pretty Pictures… ✔️ Everything appears to be there and yet… parents are still not scheduling tours to visit your school… Sounds familiar??? If it does, don’t despair. Here are the top 4 reasons parents don’t click on your Schedule…

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3 Powerful Follow-up Strategies to Keep Your School Top-of-Mind (and BLOW Parents’ Expectations Away)

“Fortune is in the Follow-up.”  Yes indeed… With so much at stake, it’s absolutely vital that schools implement a follow-up strategy that cuts through the noise and keeps your school top-of-mind for prospective parents. So, whether it’s for an open house or a school tour, here…

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7 Tips to SuperCharge your Admissions Landing Page and Enroll More Families

If your goal is to enroll new families at your school then it is absolutely critical that your marketing campaign include an admissions landing page that is designed and optimized to convert prospective families into enrolled families. Without it, you might as well take your…

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The Hidden Opportunity Private Schools Do Not Want to Miss

It goes without saying that the COVID Pandemic has been particular hard on the education sector… and yet, in times of unprecedented challenges, arise unprecedented opportunities… As we head into the 2021 Enrollment season, 3 major trends have contributed to create a massive opportunity for…

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3 Awesome Tools to Write Powerful Headlines Parents Just Can’t Ignore

We’ve all seen these headlines. In our weaker moments, we may have also clicked on them… 😉 12 Mysterious Photos That Cannot Be Explained – #5 Will Scare the Life out of You! 6 Celebs Who Ruined Innocent Lives Why You Should Never Take Your…

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The “Secret” to Building a Strong List of Prospective Families

Have you ever been browsing a website and suddenly you are offered a 20% Off Coupon or an interesting eBook that grabs your attention and prompts you to enter your email?? If yes, then you’ve experienced the power of a Lead Magnet! A lead magnet is an enticing “freebie” such…

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The 1 Thing Most School Websites Get Wrong (and it’s costing them millions…)

You’ve probably heard the saying…  “Jack of all trades, master of none.” When it comes to school websites, this principle is dead on! Most schools make the mistake of having homepages that try to appeal to too many audiences: students, current families, donors, alumni, and more….

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