Worried About the Future of Your Private School?

...You’re not alone.

The 2021 enrollment season is shaping up to be more challenging

than ever before... is your school ready?

Mounting school closures...

Looming uncertainty due to the COVID pandemic...

Decline of Christianity...

Increased competition from charter and home schools...

Change in demographics...

The list goes on...

“The Five Threats to Private School Enrollment (and How to Overcome Them)”

In this complimentary online briefing, you’ll get answers to questions like:

How do we convince parents of the VALUE of private faith-based schools?

What are today’s parents DEMANDING from their schools?

How can you successfully compete with free charter schools or low-cost homeschooling options?

How do you attract and retain families in the midst of the COVID pandemic?

The 2021 Enrollment season is upon us...

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- Mitchell.


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