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The Hidden Opportunity Private Schools Do Not Want to Miss

It goes without saying that the COVID Pandemic has been particular hard on the education sector… and yet, in times of unprecedented challenges, arise unprecedented opportunities…

As we head into the 2021 Enrollment season, 3 major trends have contributed to create a massive opportunity for private schools to GROW and THRIVE.

And while these trends may seem simplistic in nature, the undercurrent of emotions that drives them is extremely powerful!

So without any further ado… here they are:

#1. Parents are Frustrated
After 9 grueling months of homeschooling, Parents are at their wits’ ends… they are tired, frustrated and desperate for a change. Many experts are predicting a huge shuffle as millions of parents search for better schooling options for their kids… and there lies the opportunity for private schools to capture these parents’ attention and draw them in with a powerful message that resonates and compels them to join their school.

#2. Parents are Online Now, More than Ever
Quarantine. Stay at home orders. Working from Home. Zoom Calls. Amazon. Online Shopping. Netflix… All of this to say that parents are home and spending a considerable amount of time ONLINE, on their phones, tablets or computers… and for savvy private schools, there lies the golden opportunity to reach these parents by maximizing their digital marketing campaign with social and search ads.

#3. Re-assurance in the Midst Of Uncertainty
With all the uncertainty about the future and concerns about our health, our way of life and our survival, parents are desperate for a ray of light, hope and confidence that their kids will be OK. Private schools are strategically positioned to respond to this situation and appeal to parents emotions by demonstrating a track record of safety, flexible learning options and for faith-based schools, a hope for a brighter tomorrow.

By incorporating these findings in their digital marketing strategy, private schools can capitalize on this tremendous opportunity to attract more families, fill their empty seats and fulfill their mission in educating our next generation of leaders.

Here’s to a year of growth and renewal!


– Mitchell

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