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Top 4 Reasons Parents Don’t Click on your Schedule a Tour Button (And How to Fix it!)

Facebook Ads… ✔️
Website Design… ✔️
School Video… ✔️
Pretty Pictures… ✔️

Everything appears to be there and yet… parents are still not scheduling tours to visit your school…

Sounds familiar???

If it does, don’t despair. Here are the top 4 reasons parents don’t click on your Schedule a Tour button and what you can do to fix it.

1. Do you even have a Schedule-a-Tour button!?

As obvious as this may sound, so many school websites don’t have a Schedule a Tour button on their homepage. Website visitors have to dig through menus and pages to finally be able to get in touch with the school.
Your Schedule a Tour button should be PROMINENTLY positioned on your homepage and ideally, in multiple places… repetition is your friend!

Notice how Capital Christian School includes their ‘Schedule a Visit’ button twice on the hero section of their home page. Even a blind squirrel could click on that button 🐿️ 😊!

So if you haven’t done so already, be sure to include an obvious Schedule a Tour button on your homepage and don’t be afraid to include it in multiple places and on different pages.

2. You have too many different Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

While not having a clear Call-to-Action button is a cardinal sin, having TOO MANY is just as deadly!

Apply Now, Contact Us, Schedule a Tour, Donate Today… AHHHHH…!! 😵

When confronted with so many options, prospective customers automatically default to just saying NO and will run away from your site to never come back. This is the danger of breaking the #1 Rule in Marketing – “A Confused Mind Says No”.

So don’t confuse parents with too many Calls-to-Action. Pick ONE and stick with it consistently throughout your website.

3. You share too much non-relevant information on your website

Nowadays, parents are busier than ever and have an extremely limited attention span. When they visit your website, they want immediate answers to their questions and you only have a few seconds to convince them that your school may be the answer they are looking for.

Unfortunately, many schools websites include a jumble of different information such as blog posts, newsletter, school calendar and other non-relevant content. This makes parents feel like they are in a maze trying to figure out what’s relevant and only serves to detract and push them away.

Instead, get rid of all these distractions and focus on sharing your story with them. Draw them in by speaking directly to them and paint a picture of what success looks for their child if they join your school. With that, parents will be much more likely to stay on your website, learn more about your school and eventually click on that magic Schedule a Tour button!

4. You’re not giving parents a compelling reason to click on the button

Due to the widespread fraud on the internet today, most internet users are extremely weary about giving their information away. Therefore, your website must include content that alleviates their fears, establishes your authority and builds trust with prospective parents so that they can feel comfortable and safe clicking on your Schedule a Tour button.

This can be accomplished in many ways, such as:
Showing testimonials from current parents or students (video is highly recommended)
Highlighting reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp or GreatSchools
Displaying proof of Accreditation
Touting statistics, years of experience, standardized scores, awards etc.

All these tell parents that you are a legitimate organization that can be trusted and reassures them that it is safe for them to share their information with you and most importantly, safe to entrust their children in your care.

By incorporating these 4 elements into your website, you will dramatically increase the likelihood of prospective parents clicking on the most important element of your website, your Schedule a Tour button!

Here’s to an abundance of visitors to your website and visitors to your school!


– Mitchell

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